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Download the app and sign up for a new account (or Sign In if you have an existing account), select your accuracy preference, and that's it! Your iPhone will then send data on any "significant" location changes to the server. This is a great way to map your daily life, keep track of your kids, or potentially locate a lost or stolen phone!

Latest Version: 1.1   Updated: Jul 30, 2010   Rating: *****      Only $3.99! View in iTunes


We respect your privacy! Your location data is not made public nor available to anyone but you. All data is also transmitted over SSL.


To prevent battery drain, updates are only made on "significant" location changes, and lower accuracy to can be set for a quicker location lock.


Uses iPhone's location system to accurately pinpoint your phone's location through the use of GPS, wifi and cellular towers.

I have been using the app for a few days, and have been very impressed. I am using an iPhone 4 and have tried restarting, powering off/on, and closing the app from...




Great App


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